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Choose Healthy Easter Treats
Walk into any retail center in the days leading up to Easter and you would be forgiven if you thought it was open season on sugar and chocolate.  There are rows of golden rabbits and stacks of pastel candy seductively appealing to your sweet-tooth everywhere you turn.

You don’t have to entirely deny yourself the pleasure of a little Easter indulgence, but if you are looking at healthier alternatives, they do exist, even if they are not strictly traditional.  

You can bake your own treats like muffins, granola bars or trail mix.  Choose ingredients like dark chocolate for its antioxidants and nuts for their protein, fatty acids and fiber.  Search recipes that use sugar alternatives or use low-fat ingredients – there are some satisfying ones out there.

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When the temptation is just too much, do your best to exercise a little restraint. Portion control can go a long way, too.  Chocolate covered almonds make a nutritious snack if you limit yourself to the number you can put in a small plastic egg, rather than eating an entire box in one sitting.  And keep the candy consumption to one day, rather than allow it to creep over days or weeks. Or you can nibble all weekend long on the ultimate healthy snack – carrots.

Remember, you are what you eat, your body’s a temple and everything in moderation.  Looks like it’s open season on platitudes, too.

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