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The not-so-lazy days of summer
School’s out for summer and for most Nova Scotian students that means no more pencils, no more books - and back to work. But for nearly 630 young workers last year, heading to work also meant experiencing an injury serious enough to need time off. 

In 2012, nearly 3,500 workers under age 25 were hurt at work. Injuries from last year include second degree chemical burns, knee-injuries from falls, and sliced and jammed fingers. 

The majority of workplace injuries for young workers occur in the hotel, retail, restaurant, fast food, construction and manufacturing sectors - the most popular industries for young workers. 

Keeping a workplace safe is everyone’s responsibility, and when it comes to young workers it is especially important that their parents and supervisors have frequent discussions with them about occupational health and safety.

The Workers’ Compensation Board is encouraging these conversations with its social marketing campaign “Speak Up About Safety.” 

Check out the campaign and the news release – and talk to a young worker about workplace safety today.

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