Safe Handling & Mobility Video Series

Almost 80 per cent of time-loss claims reported to WCB Nova Scotia by healthcare workers involve musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). Over half of these are linked to the lifting, transferring, and repositioning of residents, patients, and clients. 

The best way to protect the safety of both workers and residents is through a Safe Handling and Mobility Program – a comprehensive prevention approach that extends to all levels of your organization. In partnership with AWARE-NS, WCB Nova Scotia is helping workplaces develop and implement these types of programs by providing education and safety resources like the instructional video series below. 

Watch the videos now to learn how to prevent these common injuries, and visit the AWARE-NS website to learn more about safe handling and mobility programs and to find additional resources for your workplace. 

Assisting a Fallen Resident

Bed to Chair Overhead Lift

Bed to Chair Compression Stockings