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Becoming a Safety Hero


Everyone has a role to play in creating a safe work environment, but sometimes there are those who go above and beyond what's required of them to demonstrate their true commitment to safety. Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre (KRRC) found a fun way to recognize those individuals in their organization who go the extra mile to make sure they and their co-workers are staying safe on the job. 

Each month since December 2017, a KRRC employee has been dubbed "the Safety Hero." The winner is awarded a prize and is recognized in the "Safety Update" newsletter, where KRRC employees learn about what the Safety Hero did to go the extra mile and find tips on how they can do the same. 

Recipients so far have done things like identify and address potential hazard areas that could harm employees or clients like a broken couch or a disconnected hose on a washer, took extra precaution when there was an expected power outage, shoveled and salted the entrances during a snow storm and stayed behind to make sure a client whose seatbelt wasn't working was buckled in properly. 

Since the program began, they have had more than 45 nominations and counting. 

WCB Nova Scotia workplace consultant Tanya Newell has been working with KRRC for almost two years now, and says in that time they have made some major strides, including reducing their claim volume in a couple of problem areas and fostered an organization-wide safety culture. 

"There really is a top-down commitment here," says Tanya. "Programs like the Safety Hero Award are encouraging everyone to get involved, and show that sometimes it's the simplest efforts that make the biggest difference."

Working with Tanya, KRRC developed a Safety Action Team (or "the A-Team," as they call it), which has seen participation from rehabilitation workers, the staff occupational therapist, the health and wellness nurse, the CEO and several others with representation from across the organization. Since engaging with the WCB, they have made several major and minor changes to address priority areas identified by the WCB and their employees. They have updated their process for reporting injuries and improved overall staff communication, and are now shifting their focus to psychological health and safety. 

"We hope to keep the buzz going," says Tanya. "We have passionate people around the table. KRRC was willing to make the commitment to help make improvements and saw that there was value in working with the WCB. They're the biggest ambassadors for what we're doing."  

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