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Congratulations Graduating Class of 2014
Every summer Nova Scotia’s graduates leave the schoolyard and enter the work force.  Every year
these graduates learn new skills to carry with them the rest of their working
lives.  As a community, it is our job as parents, teachers, employers and
community leaders to give these graduates the tools they need to stay safe at

Young Nova Scotians entering the workforce are at a greater risk of suffering a workplace injury.
In fact, young workers and new workers are five times more likely to be hurt in
the first month on a new job than workers who have been in their current job
more than one year.

As a community, we can help our Young Workers learn valuable life skills they can take to any
workplace. Training workshops provided by employers can help young workers
take the time to learn new skills in a safe environment. Courses like WHMIS,
fall protection, hazard assessment and many others help our young Workers
become Safety Champions.

You can find more tools to help Nova Scotia’s Youth work safe at



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