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Dumping Day 2019 starts with a focus on safety

Pictured above is fisherman Timmy Saulnier (middle) of Meteghan Wharf with his family.

Nov 26, 2019: Dumping Day in southwestern Nova Scotia, got underway today. It was delayed by a day for safety reasons due to poor weather conditions. 

While it is the largest and most lucrative lobster season in Canada, it is also one of the most dangerous. 

Sadly, six Nova Scotians lost their lives to fishing-related workplace incidents in 2018. Six deaths that could have been prevented. 

Over the past few years, we have worked hard with industry to mitigate the risks associated with this dangerous profession. 

When Meteghan Wharf lobster fisherman Timmy Saulnier saw a Facebook post from WCB Nova Scotia promoting the importance of personal flotation devices (PFDs) he was moved to respond. 

“Every time I sail out of port, these three girls remind me to be safe, to work smart and to get back home to them and my wife,” he says about a picture he posted of his PFD with the names of his three daughters embroidered on its straps. “They’re my reason for wearing my PFD.” Read more.

Over the past few years, government and WCB Nova Scotia have worked with industry to lessen the risks. The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia (FSANS), along with the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council, and numerous fishermen, family members, and public sector representatives developed Fishing Safety Now, the fishing safety plan by and for the industry that was launched in 2015. 

News Release: Safety is a priority as lobster season starts

The WCB also works closely with the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia (FSANS). Since 2012, FSANS has conducted 190 of its signature Man Overboard Drills across the province. The organization is members of the industry to help bring awareness to the importance of wearing a PFD. 

Captain James Brow explains why he won't let crew work on his boat without wearing a PFD.

We wish all fishing crews a safe and successful season.


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