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Father’s Day 2019

Fatherhood doesn’t come with a job description.

Pepperoni pizza master chef, pillow fort architect, pro bono driving instructor – being a Dad means going above and beyond three simple letters.  

Those other jobs are important. In fact, they’re the reasons we work safely during the day: to get home to those jobs that truly matter most, and the people who matter most. 


In 2018, 3,121 men were injured in Nova Scotia, with the majority aged 40-60 years old. 

Injuries at work take their toll at home. That number represents 3,121 fathers, sons, brothers whose lives were changed by an injury that could have been prevented. 

An injury at work shouldn’t change  Dad’s job at home. In advance of this Father’s Day, and every day, tell Dad, and all of the  fathers in your workplace, how much their safety matters.

Water Fight
In Water Fight, a healthcare worker sustains a back injury while helping a patient on the job. Learn more.

In Recital, a mother sustains occupational noise-induced hearing loss and can no longer clearly hear her daughter practicing the piano. Learn more.

In Dinner, we see a mother struggle to break her habit of setting four places at the table after her husband dies from a fall on the job. Learn more. 

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