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Is your vehicle ready for a safe winter?
According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, an ordinary driver reacts to the road situations; a good driver anticipates crises and avoids them.

Winter driving can be hazardous, and in some cases, it can be scary, but there are things to keep in mind that can make driving in winter a little more manageable. 

The Ministry Of Transportation has offered several things to keep in mind when preparing your car for winter:

• Install winter tires and check air pressure regularly. Proper air pressure is important in having your tires perform properly, especially in snow. Cold temperatures can decrease air pressure. 

• Invest in a winter maintenance check up. 

• Install winter wiper blades.

• Always clear snow from the entire vehicle including the roof. As your car heats up, snow that has not been removed can shift, compromising not only your visibility, but the visibility of those around you if it flies off of your vehicle.
• Always have a charged cell phone with you. 

• Carry extra windshield wiper fluid that is made for freezing temperatures.

• Keep a winter survival kit in your car. 

• Keep your gas tank topped up.

• If you get stuck in a storm, don’t panic. Use your cell phone to call for help and/or stay where you are, stay warm and keep a window cracked for fresh air. Light a flare from your winter survival kit. 


Be prepared and stay safe this winter.

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