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Protecting those who serve: Prioritizing safety for retail workers during the holiday shopping season.

While many workplaces wind down during the holidays, it’s the busiest time of year for Nova Scotia’s retail industry. And as our province’s population continues to boom, more and more workers are joining the retail workforce.

In fact, the retail industry is the second largest sector in Nova Scotia – and many retailers take on seasonal workers as well this time of year.

A surge in holiday foot traffic and increased stock to unpack and display means staff could be exposed to hazards that can result in workplace injuries.

In 2022, 1,930 Nova Scotians employed in the retail industry suffered on-the-job injuries. Even though the injury rate was down in 2022 from the previous year, 456 people suffered injuries that were serious enough to require time off work. 

Injuries are preventable and the most common workplace injury in Nova Scotia – strains and sprains – is especially prevalent during the holiday season when store workers are at higher risk of overexertion from heavy lifting and improper bending. 

Visit Work Safe for Life to learn more on how to prevent back sprains and muscle injuries. It’s an important step to ensuring an enjoyable holiday season.

Shopping should never compromise personal safety. Employers, workers and shoppers alike all bear the responsibility for making sure the holiday season is merry, bright, and safe for everyone.

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