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Safe at Sea on the Big Screen in Shelburne
In 2015, as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness of the importance of improving safety in Nova Scotia’s fishing industry, a short, documentary-style video was created to capture the perspectives of some of those closest to the industry. After all, the importance of a safer fishery is perhaps most understood by those who have lost someone at sea.

This weekend, September 9 to 10, 2016, the video will be screened at the Shelburne Film Expo at the Osprey Art Centre.

The video is filled with powerful, moving stories, while also demonstrating the important safety shift that has started to emerge within the industry.

You can check out the video here. And visit to learn more about the Safe at Sea Alliance and Fishing Safety Now: A plan by and for Nova Scotia's industry, which was officially launched in June 2015.


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