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Steps for Safety – Preventing Workplace Violence
** The following blog post is from WCB Nova Scotia's Louise Barker, a Health & Social Services Workplace Consultant, on the violence prevention efforts at Digby's Tideview Terrace

The t-shirts match, the effort is coordinated, the mandate is supported by management, and the message is clear: stop workplace violence. A bold and effective communication strategy letting workers, residents, family members, and visitors know that within the Tideview Terrace family, there is a commitment to addressing workplace violence.  

Workers at Tideview Terrace volunteered to be part of a committee dedicated to implementing the Steps for Safety – Preventing Workplace Violence program and thought t-shirts would be a conversation starter. 

According to team member Penny, the original plan was to hang signs by the punch-out clock, but the team didn’t think anyone would pay much attention to another sign. 

“So we came up with the idea of the matching t-shirts. Our colleagues see the front of the shirt and ask what is the stop for? And that’s when we turn around and let them know that we need to stop violence and provide awareness about what that means.” 

When Mark joined the team, he wasn’t aware of the issue until he read an article in the Chronicle Herald documenting instances of workplace violence and how domestic violence can impact the workplace. Mark is glad to be part of the team and actively participate in making a difference.  

The team currently has six members (L-R: Judy Isles, Penny Robicheau, Junior Taylor, Mark Simms & Bill Walsh - missing is Elizabeth Wade) and to date their efforts have included providing education/awareness to staff about the issue of workplace violence and taking Step 1 of the Steps for Safety program which is reviewing existing programs, policies, and procedures. From the review, they identified a need to develop some new procedures, improve how workers are able to report concerns, and have those concerns addressed.  

Debra Boudreau is the Administrator at Tideview Terrace and although she is not a member of the committee, her leadership in supporting the initiatives of the team is apparent. They know they have a lot of work to do and recognize change will take some time, but they are committed to moving forward and taking the steps to prevent workplace violence. 

For more information on Steps for Safety, click here.

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