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Workplace safety – an employer’s story

Employers and workers have a shared responsibility when it comes to preventing workplace injury.

But employers must make a particularly special commitment. The employer, ultimately, sets the tone in the organization when it comes to workplace safety – from crafting a strong policy, to implementing a strong program that makes it real, every day.

A serious workplace injury is devastating for the worker who experiences it, and their family. Nothing else comes close to that kind of personal tragedy and life impact.

But when a serious workplace injury happens, it often has a big impact on the employer, too. And, while they are often significant, for many employers, the business costs are not what really matter most to employers. They often deal with a lingering question of whether or not they did all they could to prevent the injury from happening. And the best safety leaders take action to do all they can to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As a manager in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Mike Honeyman may never have thought a serious injury would happen on his watch – but then it did.  His story is worth a few minutes, even on a sunny Nova Scotia Friday.

Check out the powerful video produced by WorkSafeBC.

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