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Workplace safety is a team sport. Which position do you play?

In team sports, each team member plays a different position, but they contribute collectively to the outcome of the game. 

The team can only succeed if everyone is working together towards the same goal. It is strongest when everyone shares that vision and understands their individual responsibility to help the team succeed. Putting those principles in action in every training session, practice, or game helps the team get better every time. 

It’s a philosophy that easily extends to safety in the workplace. It’s at the core of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS): every person in a workplace has the right, and the responsibility, to keep the workplace safe for themselves and each other.

Safety and Health Week (May 1–6, 2023) is always a great time to remind ourselves that we share that responsibility, why it’s important, and how we can put it into action every day. It’s also an opportunity to think about the aspects of safety we are all becoming more aware of, such as psychological health and safety, and how the IRS protects them too.

Know your position 

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, almost every decision you make, and almost every action you take, directly affects your safety and the safety of your teammates. 

Learn more about your responsibilities: 

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Run a drill 

Good teams get better when they put their skills into practice, and practice often. Here are some things you can do through Safety and Health Week (or any time) to ensure your team is strong, and your workplace is as safe as possible.


  • Review your workplace’s safety plan – is it still up to date? You may want to consult your JOHS committee when doing this.
  • What about psychological health and safety, is it included in your plan?
  • Check PPE, equipment, machines, and materials – is everything in good working order?


  • Is training up to date for all employees?
  • Have you done a hazard check recently?


  • Do you know you have the right to report hazards that you believe make the workplace unsafe?
  • Do you know who to report them to?
  • Do you understand your right to refuse unsafe work? 

Keeping our workplaces safe protects us all from injury, reduces absenteeism and turnover, and increases morale and productivity.   

Healthy workplaces are good for everyone. When we all take responsibility, we all win. 

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