Safety level

The fishing and fish processing industry is one of the most dangerous in Nova Scotia. Every year, hundreds of Nova Scotians are injured growing, harvesting, and processing fish.

In 2020, 271 workers were injured in the industry, which works out to 1.73% of total workplace injuries.

Workplace injury has tragic human and financial consequences. That’s why we’re working together with our partners to change the culture in this industry.

Below are resources to help everyone in these industries stay safe.

Fishing Safety Now

Safe at Sea Alliance

Fishing Safety Facebook page

Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia

Processing Safe: Quick Facts Safety Sheet for Seafood

Fishing Safe: Quick-Facts Safety Sheet for the Commercial Fishing Sector

WorkSafeBC Safety at Work: Commercial Fishing

Heather Crout: A painter uses her art help create a culture of safety in memory of her fisherman husband by Jon Tattrie

Lewis D’Entremont’s story

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