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Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia and around the world.

Supporting young worker injury prevention
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When it comes to workplace injury, young workers are not immune to the potential dangers of their workplace. Last year alone, 3,131 young workers were injured on the job and 599 of them lost time from work because of their injuries - compared to 519 in 2020 and 592 in 2019. Early education surrounding safety and injury prevention can help keep young workers safe now and for many more years to come.

WorkShift Podcast: Leading Safety in Small and Large-Scale Construction with Dan Monk and Steve Snider
A shift in safety culture doesn’t come easy. But when it does, we can point to one thing that’s made the most significant difference: strong leadership.

WorkShift Podcast: Leading Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Dr. Jackie Kinley and Deepak Prasad
In recent years, WCB Nova Scotia has seen an increase in the number of psychological and complex workplace injury claims, where mental health-related issues make it more difficult for workers to recover from physical injuries.

Sun Safety – Keeping workers safe this summer - June 2022
Summer is too short to miss due to a heat-related illness that could have been easily avoided. Let’s all do our part to celebrate the summer heat, safely.

Psychologically healthy and safe workplaces –webinar with Marc DesRoches - May 2022
WCB was proud to present a free webinar on May 5, 2022, on psychologically healthy and safe workplaces hosted by WCB Workplace Consultant Marc DesRoches.

Use the Risk Mapping Tool to help prevent injuries in your workplace - May 2022
The benefits of a healthy workplace are felt by all. Productivity increases when employees feel supported and safe. Healthy workplaces are welcoming. Heath workplaces are safe. Healthy workplaces are supportive. Healthy workplaces are good for everyone.

Top 5 Best Practice Tips for Successful Return to Work - May 2022
As claims become more complex, with more factors impacting time off due to injury and return to work than ever before, the importance of creating healthy workplaces, both physically and psychologically safe places to work, is increasing.

Leading the way towards psychologically healthy and safe workplaces
Get the resources you need to make your workplace a physically and psychologically healthy and safe one.

WorkShift Podcast: Remembering Westray with Danny Cavanagh and Alex Keaveny
On May 9, 1992, an explosion at the Westray Mine in Pictou County killed all 26 men working underground and changed how Nova Scotians thought about workplace safety forever.

A day to mourn, a commitment to change
When you’ve had personal experience with losing a colleague on the job, the way Andrew Titus, Marine Manager for Mersey Seafoods has, the Day of Mourning takes on a whole new meaning.

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