Sector-specific links:
Construction Safety Nova Scotia: COVID-19: Safe Return to Work Guidelines 
COVID-19 Guide for Worksites
- COVID-19 - Standardized Protocols for All Canadian Construction Sites
- Pandemic (COVID-19) Tip Sheets
- Tips for Staying Safe While Working at Your Trade


Employers and workers in construction are used to following safe work practices at their worksites to reduce risks. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 on those sites is presenting additional challenges, especially when it comes to completing tasks that have typically been carried out in close proximity with other workers.

The industry is quickly adapting to news ways of working safely, and is identifying alternative methods to complete tasks, in a manner consistent with public health directives. Many construction work sites now have hand washing stations installed, and posted directions for working safely.

Recommended prevention strategies for construction include:

  • Maintaining a safe distance
  • Avoiding carpooling to job sites
  • Reducing face-to-face meetings
  • Taking breaks away from the group
  • Regularly cleaning tools and surfaces, and not sharing tools
  • Regularly cleaning PPE and vehicles
  • Washing hands often

Construction Safety Nova Scotia developed a COVID-19 Toolkit and Resources and shares safe work practices on their website.


Listen to our new radio ad focused on new ways to work safely in construction: 


See the Government of Nova Scotia’s recommendations related to safety at work during COVID-19, here.